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GM Alexander Delchev

Alexander Delchev is a Bulgarian chess player, born on 15th July 1971 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He became an international master in 1988 and is a Grandmaster since 1998. His FIDE Elo rating is 2633 (November 2014), which places him 3rd in Bulgaria and on 140th place in the world.

Notable successes as a chess player:
  • 2011 and 2012 Bulgarian Team Championship
  • 2008 Dresden Olympiad Silver medal board 4   
  • 2007 European Team Championship in Cretes Greece Bronze medal on board 4
  • 2004 FIDE Grand Prix Winner
  • 2004 FIDE Cup in Tripoli - 1/32 final
  • 2001 Bulgarian Individual Championship - first place
  • 2000 FIDE Cup in Moscow -  1/16 final 
  • 1994 member of the Bulgarian National Team at the Moscow Chess Olympiad - 4th place 
  • 1994 Bulgarian Individual Championship - first place
GM Alexander Delchev is the (co)author of two books on opening theory:
  1. The Safest Sicilian with IM Semko Semkov;
  2. The Safest Grunfeld with Evgenij Agrest.
GM Delchev provides chess training to young players and works with other professional players to support them in their training. 

Currently, GM Alexander Delchev is a commentator for ChessBomb covering the Candidates tournament 2014, Gashimov Memorial 2014, World Chess Championship 2014, and many others.

Tell us more about your work as a chess trainer. What is your approach to your students?

As a chess teacher, my job is to provide quick and steady improvement for my students by enabling them to use their valuable time to maximise effect. 

A good start is to discuss the vision for you development in chess - short-term an long-term goals. Then, after analysing your games, I’ll design for you the most effective personalised study program - almost based on examples from my own games.

Are you providing chess tuition?
Individual lessons are not cheap (starting at €50 per hour), but they are highly efficient. I can lead you on the most appropriate path to your chess development. It would save you valuable time, otherwise spent in fruitless work without the supervision of an experienced chess teacher.

Even a single session may help you put your chess studies on the right track. The plan I am  personally developing for a student would serve as a long-term direction for their individual chess work. 

For more information and to schedule an appointment,
write to


What successes of your students are you most proud of?

Many of my students were prize-winners at World and European Junior Championships under 16, 18 and 20. Many of them now are in the top 6 in their countries and are developing further under my supervision.

Some of my students include:
(1) GM Ivan Saric (Croatia). He is currently the TOP Croatian chess player with rating 2661, European Champion 2007, World Junior Champion 2008. His rating rose from 2350 in 2006 to 2460 in 2007 (+110).
(2) Vaibhab Suri (India) with rating 2530, currently is No 15 in India, third place U18, Dubai World Junior Championship. His rating improved considerably - from Elo 1960 in 2007 to 2350 in 2008 (+390).
(3) Denis Kadric (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He took part in Dubai World Junior Championship. His Elo rating improved from 2170 in 2010 to 2420 in 2012 (+250).

I also worked with GM Stefanova for the 2004 European Individual Championship in Dresden - 3rd place, as well as with GM Cheparinov in his preparation for FIDE Grand Prix 2011 and FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansyisk 2011.