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Nikolai Stavrev

Our online chess commentator Nikolai Stavrev is a Bulgarian chess player, born in 1972 and have a FIDE Elo rating 2361 (Aug 2015). Stavrev is known for his work as a longtime chess trainer, publicist and commentator. 

He has a master's degree in chess coaching from the National Sports Academy in Sofia and works as a head coach since 1995 until now in the most titled Bulgarian chess club Slavia Sofia.

He has three years experience as a national coach in the direction of children and youth chess, and now is a member of the Committee on chess in school in Bulgarian Chess Federation. Over the years, Niko has worked with many of the leading Bulgarian chess players.

Its main activity like a chess player is connected to nineties. Stavrev is a champion with the youth Bulgarian team from the Balkan Cup in 1992, and was repeatedly participated in the finals of the chess championships of Bulgaria with the best achievement - fourth place in 1994. In these years he repeatedly won or was honored in the team championships of Bulgaria with a strong team of Slavia.

In February 1996 he was conditionally approved by FIDE for International Master (to cover necessary to rank Rating).

Fortunately, Niko Stavrev cooperate successfully with our site for more than 5 years and we can give only flattering assessments of his work.

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