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With over half a million daily impressions during top events, ChessBomb is currently the most popular place to watch chess on the Internet. Advertising on ChessBomb is a highly effective way to promote anything chess-related. Besides on the ChessBomb Live Arena, your ads can optionally be shown on our partner sites like Chessdom, and various other sites using the ChessBomb embedded widgets.

The pricing for most ad formats is CPM-based (cost per 1000 impressions). Depending on the available chess events, we can usually provide between 2 and 8 million impressions per month. The following ad formats/positions are available:

Half banner (234x60) - 0.20 EUR per 1000 impressions

This is the left-side ad position in the ChessBomb Live Arena.

Full banner (468x60) - 0.30 EUR per 1000 impressions

This is the central ad position on the ChessBomb Live Arena, as well as the most popular ad format in our embedded widgets (used in embedded layouts 1 and 3).

Large leaderboard (728x90) - 0.65 EUR per 1000 impressions

This format is only used in embedded layout 2. It is the most effective one, but we can only deliver a limited and unpredictable number of monthly impressions using it.

Unconventional formats (text) - 15 EUR for the first game + 5 EUR for each additional game per round

Your chosen text (including links) is inserted before the moves list of a game. This method is highly effective during high-profile games. It applies both to the ChessBomb Live Arena, as well as the embedded widgets. Example here.