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Benefits of having your chess tournament / match / event broadcast by ChessBomb

  • Broadcasting chess games reliably is a tricky and challenging task. Most of the popular chess tournament websites struggle to cope with the traffic and high server load. ChessBomb has an unique, infinitely scalable technology, as well as experience broadcasting the biggest chess events, which allow us to easily handle even the most popular ones.
  • Thanks to the combined power of ChessBomb, our partners Chessdom, and the sites using our embedded widgets, we are among the Top 3 most popular places to watch chess events online (perhaps even the single most popular one already). Our coverage is a great popularity boost for any tournament - many of our visitors will also follow its official site (we don't try to compete with it in other areas except broadcasting the actual games).
  • The ChessBomb embedded widgets work in all current browsers, don't require heavy plug-ins (e.g. Flash, Java, Silverlight), look visually attractive, and have great features like instant updating (no move delays) and real-time computer analysis by a top chess engine. Simply placing them on your official site means you can forget the complexities and problems associated with other chess broadcasting technologies.

How much will it cost?

Some events we can broadcast for free, without any uptime/availability guarantees, depending on interest, the calendar, available resources, and other factors. A small per-round payment is required only if any of the following is true:
  • You'd like to make sure that your event is broadcast on ChessBomb. This includes strong uptime and availability guarantees from us (see below).
  • You intend to refer to the ChessBomb broadcast as the official online broadcast of the event.
  • You intend to use the ChessBomb embedded widgets on the official site.
In the above situations we carry a responsibility towards you, which is why we only offer this as a paid service. The exact price will vary between 20 EUR per round and 50 EUR per round, depending on various factors:
  • The time control
  • The number of boards
  • The schedule
  • The category and expected popularity of the event
  • Whether the ChessBomb embedded widgets are exclusively used on the official site (the price will be lower if they are)
For an exact quote, please contact us, providing all relevant details about the event.

Does ChessBomb guarantee the uptime and availability of their broadcast?

Yes. For any round during which for at least 5 minutes the moves' broadcast was down, broken, or lagging behind, and the fault lies with ChessBomb, we will refund 100% of the price for that round back to you.

Note: this guarantee only covers the actual moves. The computer analysis, and the chat feature in the ChessBomb Arena are excluded.

The ChessBomb embedded widgets contain random ads, e.g. Google AdSense. I don't want these on the official site.

We can work with you to ensure that only your or your sponsors' ads are shown on the official site (and at the same time optionally deliver them to our main site, and to our network of partner sites). You will receive a 25% discount from our regular advertising prices.

What are the technical requirements for interoperating with the ChessBomb system?

Contact us for details. We are most likely compatible with your existing electronic boards system. Naturally, everything will be discussed and agreed in advance with your technical team, compatibility tests will be performed, and we will constantly maintain contact during the actual event.