Terms and conditions of ChessBomb: General and chat

All registered users of ChessBomb should comply with the following general Terms & Conditions. In addition, specific types of accounts may entail additional terms outlined separately.

1. All users can view online games and chat.
2. Only registered members can post messages. 
3. We enforce a strict policy for respectful communication. No insults. No swearing. No profanity.
4. ChessBomb has multinational audience, and different people may root for different players and ChessBomb does not enforce censorship on opinions. However, respect is compulsory,  both towards players as well as other participants of the chat. 
5. The official language of the chat is English. Occasionally posting in another language is fine, but don't overdo it. 
6. The chat is user moderated using a system for upvotes and downvotes. After receiving a certain number of downvotes, the account is banned automatically. The ban is permanent and can be removed only in very special circumstances. 
7. ChessBomb reserves the right to ban users permanently if they do not comply with these conditions.