Terms and conditions of ChessBomb: VIP accounts

The following Terms & Conditions are specific to the VIP ChessBomb accounts: 

1. VIP accounts are available by invitation only. Invitations are offered to selected users, e.g. titled players, well-known figures in the world of chess, etc. 
2. A VIP account is free of charge.
3. A VIP account is for unlimited time. However, ChessBomb reserves the right to discontinue or revoke the VIP account functionality at any time.
4. ChessBomb offers to VIP users access to the following services/features in addition to the those of general account users:
- full access to premium features;
- special status (colouring of messages) in the chat.
5. Verification of identity may be required, such as an official facebook or twitter account, or other verifiable source. In case of suspected identity fraud the VIP account will be cancelled and the fraudulent activity may be investigated and prosecuted.
6. It is recommended that the username contains the title and recognisable part of the person's name in order to be identifiable to other users if participating in the chat.
7. If and when participating in the chat, the VIP users should comply to the General Terms and Conditions, mainly to ChessBomb's policy for respectful communication.